Coffee in Moderation May Boost Health

4 20 2011 5 14 56 AM 9894005

¥ Fri, May 12, 2006WASHINGTON (CNN) — Coffee can reduce risk for Type 2 diabetes WebMD also asserts that coffee contains chemicals that lower blood sugar, making heavy coffee drinkers{{more}} half as likely to get diabetes as light to non drinkers. 1-3 cups per day can reduce the risk for diabetes by single digits, but……

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The Billboard Music Awards

5 13 2011 5 09 05 AM 7762200

The Billboard Music Awards — and the huge stars who are up for all of the honors — will be coming to everyone live from Las Vegas on May 22 on ABC. Billboard and Las Vegas are excited to give away the music trip of a lifetime: one lucky fan and a guest has not……

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