‘He does an awesome job’

GSWNH OfficerRaymondTracy 122322

Tracy named Police Officer of the Year By Tim Hadac Officer Raymond Tracy was working overtime, on his day off, when he learned he is the Midway Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Police Officer of the Year. That was no surprise to MCC board member Al Cacciottolo, who nominated him for the award. “Even when he’s…

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Time is now to use DNA to store data

Emily Leproust 2

By Emily Leproust Humanity generates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data — enough to max out the storage capacity of about 40 million iPhones — every day. Much of it gets stored “in the cloud,” meaning it’s saved in sprawling, frigid data centers. Unfortunately, these data centers are contributing to the destruction of the environment. They…

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Impossible to replace the irrepressible Pat Michalski


By Ray Hanania I don’t remember the first time I met Pat Ryan Michalski, but I am sure it was sometime while Harold Washington was mayor. Michalski was a dynamo when it came to connecting officials with ethnic and religious groups that were often excluded by government officials, like racist former Mayor Rahm Emanuel and…

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Please Note


Due to a production issue at our plant, delivery of the print editions of The Regional News and The Reporter will be delayed by 24 hours this week. Thank you for your patience and understanding. # # #    

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Let’s keep those sidewalks salted

MaryStanek 1

By Mary Stanek Your correspondent in Archer Heights and West Elsdon 3808 W. 57th Place • (773) 284-7394 Merry Christmas 2022 to all! I can’t believe I am actually saying that already. I just hope January and February go by quickly. Please remember to take care of your sidewalks and walkways during inclement weather. A…

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Head to the library over Christmas break


By Peggy Zabicki Your correspondent in West Lawn 3633 W. 60th Place • (773) 504-9327 The West Lawn Branch Library, 4020 W. 63rd St., is a good place to bring your kids during Christmas break. Pick out some books to read together. The library will be having some activities for parents and little ones next week. On…

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We must always build bridges


By Kathy Headley Your correspondent in Chicago Lawn and Marquette Manor 6610 S. Francisco • (773) 776-7778 No matter our religion, our beliefs or how we have spent the holidays over the years, it has always been a special time to connect with family and friends. Last week the International Human Relations Council hosted their…

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Air travel is truly down the toilet

RayHanania 1

By Ray Hanania When you go on vacation, you hope that it will be a pleasant experience where you can relax and enjoy the time off from your work. Over the years, vacations have changed. They are more expensive. Some locations, like Mexico, have become dangerous, with many resorts placing armed soldiers on beaches to…

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Small salesman, big results

joanhadac 1

By Joan Hadac Your correspondent in Clearing and Garfield Ridge (708) 496-0265 • [email protected] I saw a cute photo the other day and had to share. In the picture, Victor Duque Jr., a preschooler at Our Lady of the Snows School, was accepting a five-pound World’s Finest chocolate bar from OLS Principal Christina Avis. Why such…

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‘A good man, among the very best’

CRRNH MikeDohertyMNCFFoftheYear 122122

Doherty earns MCC’s Firefighter of the Year Award By Tim Hadac Many people who deserve awards are modest, sometimes to the point of being surprised and even a bit befuddled when they receive an accolade. Mike Doherty is one of them. The longtime Garfield Ridge resident recalled the day earlier this month when he received…

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